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What is I Can Crochet That all about?

At ICCT, we are all about empowering crocheters to make and gift remarkable crochet creations that they can be truly proud of.

In addition to the free and paid patterns we offer, we also regularly produce detailed video tutorials to help the beginning crocheter really get their bearings and understand the ins and outs of this craft.

We pride ourselves on creating unique, modern crochet patterns that will bring joy and satisfaction to more crocheters and also bring beautiful things into the world.

And finally, our Crochet Mastery course allows a complete beginner to go from zero to crochet bliss! (We’re pretty proud of that.)

Traffic and Current Stats

Our Readers

Our audience is made up predominantly (90%) of women across the age spectrum, with the largest percentage being 55-64 years old, followed closely by those in the 25-34 range. The remainder are dispersed fairly evenly across the age spectrum.

Not surprisingly, many of our readers enjoy engaging in a wide array of crafting activities. In addition, they have strong interests in Food & Dining, Home & Garden, Movies and Politics.

Our content reaches a global audience, with patterns purchased from at least 45 different countries. But approximately 78% of our audience resides in the US or Canada, with an additional 8% in the UK and Australia.

Partnership Opportunities

Our most popular advertising options include, but are not limited to:

  • Crochet pattern sponsorship
  • Crochet educational course sponsorship
  • Blog post sponsorship
  • Product reviews
  • Dedicated Emails
  • Sponsored Emails
  • and more!

Every strategy and package we build is highly customized because each brand is different. We want to be sure we allow you to target your ideal customers in the right way while crafting a strong brand identity.

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