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Chenille Yarn Crochet Pattern – The Logan Blanket

Chenille Yarn Crochet Pattern – The Logan Blanket

Are you looking for an easy chenille yarn crochet pattern to use up your stash? The Logan Tunisian crochet blanket is the perfect project!

You can purchase a printable PDF of this pattern at our shop here or Etsy here.

chenille yarn crochet pattern

Easy Chenille Yarn Crochet Pattern – The Logan Blanket

Every once in a while, a super easy Tunisian crochet pattern is what we need don’t you think?

I purchased some of Lion Brand’s Chenille Appeal yarn without even knowing what I would make. I just knew I needed (ok, wanted) it in my yarn stash.

I quickly learned that chenille yarn is tricky.

I wanted a pattern with some stitch definition and that right there became quite the challenge.

I had every intention of designing a regular crochet pattern with this yarn, but after many hours of experimenting with different stitches, I just wasn’t happy.

So I broke out my trusty Tunisian crochet hooks and the first stitch I tried, I knew was the perfect one.

free chenille yarn crochet pattern

The Inspiration

Have you seen those beautiful and luxurious chenille throws at places like West Elm and Target?

I saved several pictures on my Pinterest inspiration board a couple of years ago of some chenille blankets. I knew a chenille blanket design was in my future. I think I was just waiting on the perfect yarn.

And Chenille Appeal is it.

Crocheting with Chenille Yarn

There are a few things to be aware of before you start crocheting with this yarn.

First, I did quite a bit of frogging while experimenting with different stitches and this yarn did not hold up well to that. I had to cut off quite a bit because it was starting to come apart.

Secondly, it’s very easy to miss stitches, especially on your beginning Tunisian foundation row where you have to bring up a loop in the back bump.

For the foundation row, I made sure to count as I went, so I wouldn’t miss any stitches. You can do this as you go, or count the loops on your hook before you do the Return Pass.

And lastly, this yarn is obviously pretty slippery, which means it was easy for stitches to slip off the hook. Several times I either accidentally skipped a stitch or loops came off my hook and I had to start the row all over.

So although this Tunisian crochet pattern is labeled as a beginner pattern, using this type of yarn for a beginner might be a little frustrating.

crochet chenille throw pattern

Tunisian Crochet Hook Recommendations

I’ll be writing up a detailed post soon all about my favorite Tunisian crochet hooks, but until then here’s a short list of ones I like using:

Chenille Yarn Crochet Blanket Pattern

Alright, we’ve got all of the basics out of the way.

We hope you enjoy making this free crochet pattern using chenille yarn!

You can purchase a printable PDF of this pattern at our shop here or Etsy here.


  • Finished size measures 46” wide x 56″ long
  • To change the length, simply add more striped rows
  • To change the width, chain any number
  • Video tutorial for the Tunisian Simple Stitch HERE
  • Video tutorial for border HERE



6.0 mm Tunisian crochet hook with cable

5.0 mm regular crochet hook (for border)


Weight 4 • approx. 1,988 yds

Lion Brand Chenille Appeal, 7 skeins

Color: Stucco

Purchase HERE



Tapestry needle

GAUGE (4″ x 4″)

14 sts x 13 rows (Tss section)


ch chain

rep repeat

yo yarn over

FwP Forward pass

RetP Return pass

Lts last Tunisian stitch

Tss Tunisian simple stitch

Tslst Tunisian slip stitch

sc single crochet

dc double crochet

fpdc front post double crochet

bpdc back post double crochet

sk skip

st(s) stitch(es)



Insert hook through 2nd bar from hook. yo and pull up a loop (leave loop on hook). *Insert hook through next bar, yo and pull up a loop. Rep from * to last vertical bar


insert hook under both vertical bars of the last stitch and complete as for Tunisian simple stitch

Tslst (bind off row)

Insert your hook as you would for Tunisian Simple Stitch, Yo, and pull through a loop, as you are pulling through, also pull through the loop on the hook. You’ll have one loop on your hook. Continue to end


ch 1, (yo, pull through the next 2 loops) until only one loop remains on the hook

Video tutorial for border HERE

Tunisian crochet blanket pattern
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The Logan Blanket

The Logan blanket is made with the softest, comfiest, and most luxurious chenille yarn. It can be difficult to get stitch definition with this type of yarn, but whipping it up with the Tunisian simple stitch creates a bit of a waffle look to it. It’s similar to the chenille blankets bought at places like the Pottery Barn and West Elm.

Foundation row Ch 150

Pull up a loop in the back bump of the 2nd ch from hook and each remaining ch, RetP. (150 loops on hook)

Row 1 TSS in each stitch across, working the last st as for Lts, RetP (150 loops on hook)

Rows 2 and on repeat row 1 until desired length or until your 6th skein of yarn is used

Last row Tslst in each vertical bar across row to bind off, inserting hook as for Lts on the last st. Do not fasten off, continue to border.

For the single crochet border section watch the video tutorial here

For the dc, fpdc and bpdc border section, watch the video tutorial here

Switch to 5 mm regular crochet hook for border

Round 1

ch 1, 2sc in same space, sc in each stitch down edge to corner, 2sc in last stitch, 2sc in first stitch; sc in each st across, 2sc in last st, 2sc in first stitch, sc in each stitch along edge, 2sc in last stitch, 2sc in first stitch, sc in each st across, 2sc in last stitch, slip stitch to first sc

For the rest of the border, follow the instructions in this video, but instead of doing 9 dc in corner, do 7 dc in corner

Here are the written out instructions:

Round 2

work dc in corner, work 3 more dc in same st, dc in next st, dc across to next corner

*work 7 dc in corner, dc in next st, dc across to next corner*, rep from * to * around blanket until you get to the first dc worked (which is a total of 4 dc in that corner), work 3 dc in same st as first dc (7 dc total in last corner), sl st to first dc, ch 2 (does not count as st)

Round 3

fpdc in first st, *bpdc in next st, fpdc in next st*, rep from * to * around entire blanket, sl st to first st of row, ch 2

Round 4

repeat round 3

Fasten off, weave in all ends

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