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15 Easter Crochet Patterns: Chocolate Bunnies, Crochet Eggs & More!

15 Easter Crochet Patterns: Chocolate Bunnies, Crochet Eggs & More!

It’s spring! Do you stop crocheting? Nope? Same here. Check out these Easter crochet patterns that are so much fun!

Believe it or not, friends, Easter is in just a few weeks! 

We’ve officially entered the spring season and it’s about time to start planning our Easter festivities.

Just like all the other holidays, Easter is a great time to use your crochet skills.

What Should I Crochet for Easter?

From designs like an amigurumi chick to simple projects such as bunny garlands, there’s something here for every skill level.

Plus, when you crochet Easter patterns yourself you can customize them with colors that match your decor or even make them in pastel shades that evoke springtime.

And don’t forget about accessories – like wreaths with crochet flowers and bunnies or a crochet chocolate bunny you could tuck in your kiddos Easter baskets.

Last but not least, we’ve even included an Easter crochet blanket pattern. Because you know how much we love crochet blanket patterns around here!

15 Easter Crochet Patterns

Today I have fifteen Easter patterns for everyone from the Easter brunch host to the little kiddos, from placemats to decor to Easter egg covers. Here they are:

Easter Crochet Patterns

We believe around here that crochet is so much more than just a hobby; it’s an opportunity to express creativity while creating something useful at the same time.

So this Easter season add to those store-bought decorations you love and try making something truly unique with our selection of crochet easter patterns! We hope you found the perfect pattern (or two).