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3 Annoying But Essential Tasks to Do While Crocheting

3 Annoying But Essential Tasks to Do While Crocheting

Are you learning to crochet? I’ve listed a few tasks you need to do (and learn about) that’ll make this hobby even more enjoyable than it already is. (If that’s even possible!)

crochet tasks that are annoying yet essential to learn

3 Annoying But Essential Tasks Beginner Crocheters Need to Learn

I have been crocheting for a few years now and it’s one of my all-time favorite hobbies.

It’s relaxing, a creative outlet, and you end up with something cool you made with your own two hands!

But it also comes with some frustrations and setbacks that can be discouraging and take the fun out of learning to crochet.

So today I have a list of some tedious but necessary tasks to do while crocheting to prevent a lot of those mistakes and frustrations.

While tedious, they end up saving time in the end. I promise!

3 annoying yet essential crochet tasks that are necessary

1. Counting rows

Counting rows as you go keeps you from having to count all the rows you’ve done every time you finish one to make sure you’re on the right track.

It saves a lot of time and also prevents discovering you have the wrong amount of rows halfway into a project and have to start from the beginning.

This isn’t as much of an issue with repetitive crochet projects with the same type of stitch throughout.

But if you’re supposed to be alternating between two different styles/stitches on each row, being off and not realizing it until later can mean you have to go back quite a few rows or start over completely.

Save the time you spend counting and keep track of your rows using a digital counter or making a tally on your phone each time you finish a row!

3 essential tasks crocheters must learn to do

2. Stitch Markers

I am guilty of not remembering to use stitch markers when I begin and finish a row. Either I’ve lost them in my giant pile of yarn or I just don’t feel like getting up to get them, so I don’t even bother.

But let me tell you, it’s not worth it. Nothing is worse than counting the stitches in a row, realizing something’s off, trying to pinpoint where it all went wrong, and even having to start over.

Putting a stitch marker at the beginning and end of the first row makes it easy to keep track of how many stitches you have without having to count each time.

It saves loads of time and prevents the frustration of having to start over on a project.

So go set a set from your local craft store or buy them online and put them in your supplies to have them right there.

stitch markers are an essential item to have for crocheting

3. Measuring gauge

What is gauge when it comes to crocheting? It’s the number of stitches and rows per inch.

A gauge swatch is a small sample you’ll crochet, usually anywhere from 4 to 6 inches in size, that you’ll measure and count stitches to make sure you’re on track with the pattern you’re following.

Measuring the gauge on my crochet projects and matching it to the pattern can see time-consuming and even unnecessary at first.

But not realizing until the end that the top is too big or too small is incredibly frustrating & disappointing.

Using a yarn that’s bulkier than the one recommended on the pattern or using a smaller or larger hook than is recommended can change the size of the project completely.

This is especially frustrating if the project is a piece of clothing because even a small change in size can mean the garment no longer fits.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so invest in a small measuring tape made specifically for crocheting and knitting and keep it with your supplies.

You can purchase this handy swatch ruler to help you with this.

beginner crochet 101

Don’t Skip Those Tasks…You’ll Thank Me Later

I hope this list has helped!

These are all things that have frustrated me in the past but now I find them essential to prevent mistakes. The best part is if you do these tedious tasks while crocheting it really does save time and frustration later on down the road.

So don’t be too discouraged by some of these more boring tasks- they’re worth it!

And feel free to share with anyone who might enjoy a little advice for crochet success 😉