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The Best Tunisian Crochet Hooks: Find Your Perfect Match

The Best Tunisian Crochet Hooks: Find Your Perfect Match

Discovering the best Tunisian crochet hooks has been a key part of my journey over the last three years as I’ve dove into creating patterns and exploring the nuances of this very fun (and slightly addicting) crochet technique.

For the past three years, I’ve been deeply immersed in Tunisian crochet, exploring its endless possibilities and creating numerous patterns that celebrate this unique form of crochet. 

With its intricate textures and stunning fabric-like quality, Tunisian crochet offers a unique bridge between knitting and crochet, perfect for crafters looking to expand their repertoire. As someone who has navigated the twists and turns of learning Tunisian crochet, I’m thrilled to be your guide on this exciting journey. 

Whether you’re picking up a crochet hook for the first time or a seasoned crocheter curious about this technique, I’m here to share my passion and insights to make your adventure into Tunisian crochet as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. 

(You might want to read our article where I share the differences between regular crochet and Tunisian crochet.)

Let’s dive in together and discover the beauty and creativity that Tunisian hooks and this type of crochet offer!

Choosing the right Tunisian crochet hooks is essential, especially for beginners. The correct hook can significantly enhance the learning experience, making it easier to master the basics and confidently move on to more complex patterns.

Just like when you were choosing a regular crochet hook, there are a lot of factors to consider.

As you start your Tunisian crochet journey, finding comfortable and suitable hooks for your project can make all the difference in your crafting enjoyment and the quality of your finished pieces. I know it made a difference for me!

Side note: Join our fantastic Tunisian crochet private Facebook group here. Everyone is so nice and extremely helpful!

Understanding Tunisian Crochet Hooks

What’s up with these things called Tunisian crochet hooks?!

Tunisian crochet hooks are specialized tools designed to accommodate the unique technique of Tunisian crochet, which involves holding multiple stitches on the hook, similar to knitting. 

These hooks differ from traditional crochet hooks in length and come with a stopper at the end to prevent stitches from falling off. They range from standard hooks for smaller projects to longer hooks with cables for larger works. 

Understanding the differences in hook types, such as interchangeable sets or double-ended hooks, is crucial for selecting the right tool for your project, ensuring comfort and ease of use throughout your crochet journey.

The Different Types of Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Tunisian crochet hooks vary in type to cater to different needs. 


Ultimate Guide to Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Single-ended Tunisian crochet hooks are elongated compared to traditional crochet hooks and are designed for smaller projects. 

They are designed to accommodate multiple stitches that are worked in sequence across the hook. These long hooks are ideal for smaller Tunisian crochet projects that don’t require a cable, providing a smooth transition for stitches and creating dense, textured fabrics.

I have these single-ended hooks and use them for making things like scarves and dishcloths.

Ultimate Guide to Tunisian Crochet Hooks


These hooks have a hook on both ends, allowing crochet work from either side. They can be used with two colors of yarn, enabling colorwork in Tunisian crochet without cutting the yarn frequently.

Crafters can explore advanced Tunisian crochet techniques with these hooks, including the Tunisian Crochet in the Round (TCITR) method. This technique is especially useful for projects benefiting from a seamless finish or creating items like cowls, socks, or mittens.

These Clover ones come highly recommended.


Knitter’s Price Bamboo Set

Interchangeable hooks offer versatility with detachable lengths and sizes, suitable for various project sizes. 

Interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks feature detachable heads that allow crafters to switch between hook sizes and lengths easily.

This flexibility is particularly useful for projects of varying sizes, enabling a seamless transition between different yarn weights and project requirements.

These hooks are particularly convenient for those who work on multiple projects simultaneously or need various hook sizes and lengths. They eliminate the need to buy a new hook for each project, saving space and money.

I have these three sets: Knitter’s Pride, Clover Takumi and Tulip TCarry. The Tulip ones are my favorite, but they can be very hard to find.

Tulip TCarry Set

Cable Hooks (Fixed Tunisian Crochet Hooks)

Cable hooks, or fixed Tunisian crochet hooks, have a hook on one end and a fixed cable on the other. The cable holds the stitches, allowing for the creation of large projects such as blankets or garments.

​Since the cable is permanently attached to the hook, these hooks provide a stable and consistent feel, which some crocheters prefer, especially for large projects.

ChiaGoo has a selection of sizes for fixed Tunisian crochet hooks.

Is there a difference between Tunisian crochet hooks and Afghan hooks?

This is a common question we get asked a lot!

Tunisian crochet and Afghan hooks are often used interchangeably in terms and functionality. Both hooks are designed to hold multiple stitches simultaneously, a characteristic feature of Tunisian crochet, also known as Afghan crochet.

The main difference might be in various manufacturers’ marketing or branding of these hooks rather than in their actual design or use.

So, whether labeled as Tunisian crochet hooks or Afghan crochet hooks, these tools serve the same purpose and are used for the same type of crochet work.

Best Tunisian Crochet Hooks for Beginners

For beginners in Tunisian crochet, selecting hooks that are comfortable and easy to use is crucial.

When recommending hooks for beginners, I usually advise them to purchase one hook with a cable first to see if they even like Tunisian crochet. While interchangeable sets offer a wide variety, they can sometimes be expensive.

I’d hate for you to purchase a whole set only to find out it’s not something you will continue with!

That said if you have the determination to stick with it and the extra cash, you can’t go wrong with an interchangeable set. They offer flexibility and can grow with your skill level, avoiding the need to purchase new hooks for each project size or yarn type.

Whatever you choose, I’m here to help you find your first set of Tunisian crochet hooks!

Tunisian crochet hooks with a swivel cord or swivel cables

This Tulip Set has swivel cords

Let’s talk about swivel cords (sometimes also called cables). When I discovered these, it was a game-changer for me!

Tunisian crochet hook sets with swivel cords are an excellent choice, especially for those experiencing wrist pain.

The swivel feature allows the hook to rotate freely, reducing the strain on the wrist and hand during crochet work. This design promotes a more comfortable and natural hand movement, making it easier to maintain consistent tension and work for longer periods without discomfort.

The ease of use and ergonomic benefits make these hooks appealing to beginners and experienced crocheters seeking a more enjoyable crafting experience.

When I first started with Tunisian crochet, my wrist was killing me. I was pretty convinced I wasn’t going to be able to stick with it until I experienced crocheting with a swivel cord.

Fast forward to about a hundred crocheted blankets later, and I would say I’m officially hooked. 🙂

Budget-Friendly Picks

For beginners looking for budget-friendly Tunisian crochet hooks, focusing on options that balance affordability with quality and ease of use is key.

Starter sets from reputable brands often offer great value, including multiple hook sizes and basic accessories.

Look for hooks made with durable materials and ergonomic designs to ensure comfort as you learn. These affordable sets can be a practical choice, allowing you to explore Tunisian crochet without a significant initial investment while providing a satisfying crafting experience.

Best Budget-Friendly Pick:  Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Tunisian Hook Set or Knitter’s Pride Bamboo Set

The Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Tunisian Hook Set is an excellent choice for beginners due to its colorful, lightweight wooden hooks that are easy to handle and identify by size.

The smooth finish ensures the effortless glide of stitches, reducing hand fatigue. This set includes a variety of hook sizes and cable lengths, accommodating different project needs and offering flexibility as skills grow.

Its quality and comprehensive range make it a valuable starter kit for those new to Tunisian crochet.

I don’t have the entire set of the Dreamz hooks, but I have a few I purchased individually. They usually aren’t my go-to choice because the cords don’t swivel and they’re quite stiff, but I know some crocheters absolutely love these.

Knitter’s Pride Bamboo set is the first Tunisian crochet hook set I purchased and it’s lasted a couple of years.

Beginner-Friendly Sets

Beginner-friendly Tunisian crochet sets are designed with ease of handling and learning in mind, featuring hooks that are comfortable to grip and easy to maneuver.

These sets typically include a variety of hook sizes to accommodate different projects and yarn weights, along with instructional materials or access to online tutorials.

Look for sets that offer ergonomic designs to minimize hand strain, making the learning process more enjoyable. Such kits are an excellent starting point, providing the essential tools and guidance to embark on your Tunisian crochet journey successfully.

Beginner Friendly Set Pick: The Clover Takumi Set

Beginners favor this set for its smooth bamboo hooks that are gentle on the hands and warm to the touch, making extended crocheting sessions more comfortable.

This set includes a variety of sizes, catering to different project requirements. The bamboo material also offers the right balance of grip and glide, preventing stitches from slipping off too easily while allowing smooth movement.

Its comprehensive range and quality craftsmanship provides a solid foundation for those new to Tunisian crochet, promoting skill development and project versatility.

I bought the Clover set after the Knitter’s Pride set and really like them. I gave them to my son’s girlfriend, who was learning to crochet, so I don’t have a picture of them. But the cords swivel (woohoo!), and the stitches glide perfectly.

Luxury Hooks Pick

For those ready to elevate their Tunisian crochet experience, luxury hooks offer unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

These premium tools, often made from superior materials like bamboo, rosewood, or metal with smooth finishes, provide an exceptional crocheting experience.

They’re designed for durability, comfort, and precision, appealing to enthusiasts who value the tactile pleasure of using finely made instruments.

Investing in a set of luxury hooks can enhance your crocheting process, making each stitch a joy and potentially improving the quality of your work.

Luxury Hook Pick: Lantern Moon Bequest Tunisian crochet hooks

This set is a luxury option due to its exceptional craftsmanship and premium materials. They’re made with Ebony, one of the world’s most expensive wood and they are gorgeous!

Their smooth, polished surface allows for effortless stitch glide, enhancing the crocheting experience.

Perfect for those who appreciate the finer tools in their craft, Lantern Moon hooks combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, making them a preferred choice for discerning crocheters seeking both quality and beauty in their tools.

A Few Runners-Up Hook Sets

I haven’t tried every Tunisian crochet hook brand and set (although what a fun challenge!), but here are a few more I’ve either tried myself or heard great things about – especially from our Tunisian crochet private Facebook group.

​Tulip Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Complete Set

This set is known for its high-quality, smooth hooks that facilitate easy stitching. This set’s interchangeable feature allows for a wide range of project sizes, making it versatile for beginners and advanced crocheters.

The hooks’ comfortable grip and durable design help reduce hand fatigue, making long crochet sessions more enjoyable. Its comprehensive selection of hook sizes and cable lengths allows beginners to explore various projects, making it a solid investment for those developing their Tunisian crochet skills.

I only included these as runner-ups because they are hard to find and often pricier than the luxury brands! But, they are my favorite, and I was so excited to track them down.

I recommend watching the Michael’s website for when they offer their 40% coupon code. I lucked out and purchased the Tulip set with this coupon.

You can find them on Amazon, but I’ve yet to see them on sale there.

The ChiaoGoo T-Spin Bamboo Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

This set is a beautifully crafted collection designed for Tunisian crochet enthusiasts, ranging from beginners to advanced crafters.

This set features a selection of high-quality, smooth bamboo hooks that are lightweight and warm to the touch, ensuring hours of comfortable crocheting.

The hooks come with flexible cables that easily attach to the hook ends, allowing for the creation of large projects without the bulkiness of traditional long hooks.

The set includes various hook sizes to accommodate different yarn weights and project needs, making it a versatile choice for any crocheter looking to explore the vast possibilities of Tunisian crochet.

The ChiaoGoo T-Spin set is celebrated for its durability, ease of use, and smooth transition of stitches, providing an enjoyable and efficient crocheting experience.

I haven’t personally tested these, but several crocheters in our Facebook group have and they like them.


​The LYKKE Driftwood hooks, crafted from durable birch wood, offer a smooth and lightweight crocheting experience.

Their warm, natural feel is gentle on the hands, while their aesthetically pleasing design is soothing to the eyes, making every LYKKE product a joy to use. (Their colors are gorgeous!)

Each hook prominently features etched US and metric sizes for added convenience, ensuring the measurements remain visible and legible over time, enhancing their utility and longevity.

Again, I haven’t personally tested these but they are a big hit in our FB group.

Choosing the Right Hook Size

Ok, we can’t talk about choosing the right Tunisian crochet hook without talking about sizes for a minute.

Selecting the right hook size for Tunisian crochet projects is crucial for achieving the desired texture and dimensions. A larger hook will produce a looser fabric, ideal for soft, drapey items, while a smaller hook creates a denser fabric, suitable for sturdier projects like bags.

One of the most important things to know when it comes to choosing your hook size is that Tunisian crochet tends to curl, so it’s often advised to go up a hook size or two to help with this. There are all kinds of other ways to prevent curling, but this is usually where a lot of crocheters start.

So, if you’re crocheting with a yarn that usually calls for a size 6 mm hook, but the pattern you’re following says to use a 7 mm hook, that’s usually why.

But, since we all crochet differently, it’s best to do some experimenting on your own to find just the right hook size for your project.

The Different Sizes of Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Here’s a table showing the different sizes of Tunisian crochet hooks, including their letter designation and corresponding size in millimeters (mm).


​The Variety of Materials Tunisian Crochet Hooks are Made From

Tunisian crochet hooks are available in various materials, each offering different benefits and experiences to the crocheter. The most common materials include:

Bamboo: Lightweight and warm to the touch, bamboo hooks are smooth and offer a slight grip on the yarn, making managing stitches easier.

Wood: Like bamboo, wood hooks are warm and lightweight, often favored for their natural feel and aesthetic appeal. They can vary in smoothness and grip depending on the type of wood and finish.

Metal: Known for their durability and smoothness, metal hooks allow yarn to glide easily, making them a popular choice for speed and working with slippery yarns. They can be made from aluminum, stainless steel, or other alloys. (Metal Tunisian hooks are very hard to find, but they do exist! I pre-ordered a set and can’t wait to try them out.)

Plastic: Plastic hooks are lightweight and affordable, available in various colors and sizes. They are a good option for large-sized hooks, especially when metal or wood might be too heavy or expensive.

Acrylic: Similar to plastic in terms of weight and affordability, acrylic hooks can offer a smooth surface for easy stitching, along with a wide range of colors and transparency effects.

Each material has unique characteristics, affecting the hook’s grip, glide, weight, and warmth. The choice of material often comes down to personal preference, project requirements, and yarn type.

Tips for Beginners

When I first started with Tunisian crochet, the first project I chose was a cardigan. That was a big mistake on my part! Why? Because I got very frustrated and gave up, I put the project aside and decided this type of crochet might not be for me.

I eventually (obviously) decided to give it another try, but this time I made a very easy scarf. Choosing that simple project helped me get comfortable with basic stitches, like the Tunisian simple stitch, and improved my learning experience.

The other thing that helped me really learn this craft and enjoy it was choosing the right hook, as I’ve already mentioned. Once I discovered those swivel cords, I was unstoppable! 🙂

The right tools will make the learning process smoother and more enjoyable, encouraging you to continue exploring and expanding your skills in Tunisian crochet.

We have more tips for Tunisian crochet beginners here. We hope it helps!

In Conclusion

​As you embark on your Tunisian crochet journey, I encourage you to experiment like crazy.

Try out different hooks to discover what works best for you. Each hook offers a unique experience, affecting your comfort and the outcome of your projects.

Try different projects, starting with a simple one to help you get the hang of it.

And join a community like our Facebook group, where you can ask questions and get support and guidance.

​We hope you learn to love this craft as much as we do!