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5 Simple Stitches for Tunisian Crochet Beginners + Tips!

5 Simple Stitches for Tunisian Crochet Beginners + Tips!

Are you just beginning your Tunisian crochet journey? Are you wondering what the difference between Tunisian crochet and regular crochet is?

Here are five simple stitches and tips for Tunisian crochet beginners + a few tips.

simple tunisian crochet stitches

Good morning, friends!

So I recently tried Tunisian crochet for the first time after 5 years of regular crochet, and I have to say I’m really enjoying it.

As much as I love regular crochet, it’s nice to try something new.

It also has helped me be more mindful when crocheting instead of trying to rush through just to get something done. Each stitch requires just a little bit more attention.

So since I recently started my Tunisian crocheting journey, I thought I’d bring you a few tips and tricks to get started.

I also included five stitches you need to know to get started with Tunisian crochet.

8 Tips for Tunisian Crochet Beginners

1. Try out different hooks

For Tunisian crochet, there are a couple of types of hooks you can use.

You can use an extra long crochet hook with a small stopper at the end, a regular crochet hook with a cable and stopper attached to the end, or a double-ended crochet hook if you’re working in the round.

Try them out and decide which one works best for you. 

2. Start slow

tunisian crochet smock stitch

It’s exciting to learn a new skill and will be tempting to jump right into Tunisian crochet, especially if you’ve been crocheting for a while. But patience is extra important here.

Each stitch takes a little bit longer than standard crochet, so your Tunisian projects will take some time. It’ll be a process of trial and error.

If you forget to chain one or put the hook into one loop at the end instead of two, don’t fret. Just keep going and be patient with yourself like you were when you first started crocheting. 

3. Pick a shorter project to begin with

In the same vein as the last tip, it’ll be tempting to go right out of the gate with an afghan as your first Tunisian project.

But if this is your very first time doing Tunisian, start with a smaller project such as a washcloth, and slowly make your way up to bigger projects.

It’ll give you a small win and a little bit of practice before tackling a blanket or garment.

4. Start by using one stitch in your projects

tunisian crochet simple stitch
The Autumn Ombre Scarf

Starting with one stitch at a time rather than trying to do a bunch of different ones is the best way to go about your first Tunisian crochet project.

My first project was just the Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) and because the stitch was so simple, I could focus on the quality of my work rather than the complications of the stitch.

I wanted to save the more advanced stitches for later when I had a good handle on Tunisian.

5. Count loops while they’re on your hook

It’s significantly easier to count loops while they’re all on your hook. Because they aren’t blended into the project, they’re much easier to see and therefore count.

It also gives you peace of mind that you won’t get to row 200 and have to start over because you missed a stitch or two. 

funny crochet meme

6. Periodically tug on your work to keep it even

After you complete a few stitches, tug on your hook to even out all the loops.

It’s a good habit to get into so that your tension is even throughout the project, and it loosens up the stitches a bit.

It prevents a lot of frustration later from trying to get into those tight stitches. I am especially guilty of this!

7. Keep stitches loose

In Tunisian crochet especially, tight stitches are a no-no. It’ll be really hard to get back into those vertical bars on the next row if they’re tight.

Just stop every once in a while to check in and make sure you’re giving those stitches some room to breathe.

8. Keep going!

It’s worth noting that Tunisian crochet does take a bit longer than regular crochet, especially when you start.

There are just more steps involved and it will end up taking longer.

Be patient with yourself and trust the process, and you’ll end up with a gorgeous project you made with your own two hands!

5 Simple Tunisian Crochet Stitches to Know

tunisian crochet stitch tutorials

1. Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS)

tunisian crochet simple stitch
The Autumn Ombre Scarf is worked entirely in TSS

This is the most basic Tunisian stitch and the one you’ll probably want to start with. You’re just putting your hook through the vertical bar stitch, pulling up a loop, and keeping that loop on your hook. 

Watch a how-to video here.

2. Tunisian Knit Stitch

tunisian crochet knit stitch
The ‘Let’s Go Camping’ Blanket is worked entirely in Tks

This stitch gets its name from a similar stitch in knitting called the stockinette stitch. But despite the name, it is actually a crochet stitch.

You’re going to insert the hook through the fabric from the front to the back (in the middle of the vertical loop). Yarn over, and pull up a loop.

You’ll do the exact same return pass as you do for the Tunisian simple stitch.

Watch a hot-to video here.

3. Tunisian Full Stitch

tunisian crochet full stitch
The Bryn blanket is worked entirely in Tfs but with two colors

The full stitch is in the same vein as the moss stitch in regular crochet. It creates a pattern with no gaps and is quite visually stunning.

For this stitch, you’ll insert your hook through the first space (not vertical bar) in the row below, pull up a loop.

Do this until you reach the end of the row, but do not pull up a loop in the last space.

You’ll just insert your hook into the two loops on the edge and pull up a loop.

Watch a how-to video here.

4. Tunisian Reverse Stitch

tunisian crochet reverse stitch
The Griffin Blanket uses a combination of Trs and Tks

This stitch has a particularly pretty look and feel, and is good for adding some texture to your project.

For the reverse stitch, you’re going to insert your hook into the back vertical bar of the next stitch. Yarn over, and pull that through so that it’s now a loop on your hook. 

Watch a how-to video here.

5. Tunisian Double Crochet (TDC)

tunisian crochet wave stitch
The Jessica Throw is worked up with the Tunisian crochet wave stitch, which includes Tdc

This is similar to regular double crochet; you’re just putting the stitch in a different place.

For this stitch,  yarn over, insert your hook into the vertical bar, yarn over and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull yarn through 2 loops.

Watch a how-to video here. (This is a tutorial for the wave stitch, which includes Tdc.)

Would You Like Some Simple Tunisian Crochet Patterns?

Here are a few patterns that are perfect for Tunisian crochet beginners:

5 simple stitches for tunisian crochet beginners
tunisian crochet beginner stitches and tips