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Quick & Easy Crochet Rug Pattern

This quick and easy crochet rug pattern is made using one simple stitch and the results are beautiful. In a matter of a couple of hours, you can have a rug you’ll be proud to decorate your home with.

free crochet rug pattern

Crochet Rug Free Pattern

This is quite possibly the easiest pattern I’ve ever written or will ever write. You only need to know how to do one stitch, plus add fringe and you’re good to go!

I’m always on the hunt looking for crochet stitches and patterns that resemble knit, giving items I make a more modern look. And sometimes that stitch is something so easy, you just can’t believe it.

That’s the case for this rectangle crochet rug.

The Slip Stitch Back Loop Only

rectangle crochet rug pattern

To get this knit like look with fantastic texture I only used the slip stitch but in the back loop only.

I haven’t made a video tutorial on this stitch yet, but until then, there’s a good one here you can watch.

The only difference between what this video shows you and what I did for this pattern, is I chain 1 at the beginning of the row. That’s to give it a nice edge. The chain 1 does not count as a stitch.

The Yarn + The Color

My local Michael’s has had incredible sales on yarn and I was able to pick up two Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Bonus Bundles for just under $3.00 a piece. That is a huge percentage off, so I was very excited to snag a couple.

For this project, I used about one and a half bonus bundles.

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Crochet Rug Free Pattern

easy crochet rug pattern

Pattern Description

This easy crochet rug is perfect for the quick weekend project.

Using a weight 6 bulky yarn and slip stitches creates a thick and squishy texture ideal for a rug. Use this rug in the kitchen, entryway, bedroom, living room, or anywhere you want a stylish-looking home decor item you made yourself.

easy free crochet rug pattern

Pattern Notes


Method Crochet

Skill Level Beginner

Hook 8 mm / US L-11

Yarn Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Bonus Bundles in Oatmeal

Other Yarn Needle

Gauge doesn’t matter greatly for this type of project

Final Size 26 1/2″ x 19″ (without fringe), 28″ x 19″ (with fringe)


sl st slip stitch

blo back loop only

st(s) stitch(es)

ch chain


Notes about the pattern:

  • It’s important to do the slip stitches loosely as this type of stitch tends to pull inward and quite tightly
  • Turning ch 1 does not count as a stitch
  • When turning, the first slip stitch is always done in the very first stitch
  • All slip stitches are in the back loop only

Foundation row

Chain 82

sl st in 2nd chain from hook, ch 1, turn (81 sts)

Row 1

*sl st in first stitch blo* across to end of row, ch 1; turn (81 sts)

Rows 2 – 98 (or until desired size)

Repeat row 1; fasten off


Cut pieces of yarn 4 inches in length

With crochet hook, attach fringe onto every other row, in between each “braid”

adding fringe to rug
adding fringe to crochet rug
how to add fringe to crochet rug
crochet rug fringe how to
adding fringe to a crochet rug

And that’s all there is to it! Simple stitches, simple fringe finish and you’re left with a gorgeous crochet rug.

Let me know if you make this rug by tagging I Can Crochet That on social media or using the hashtag #ICanCrochetThat (because yes, yes you can).

free rectangle crochet rug pattern