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10 Stunning Two-Color Crochet Blanket Patterns

10 Stunning Two-Color Crochet Blanket Patterns

Are you looking for two-color crochet blanket patterns? We’ve rounded up some of the best ones for beginners!

When I first started crocheting, I did everything in one color only. My blankets were one color. My scarves were one color. My sweaters were one color. Why? Using more than one color intimidated me big time!

From knowing how to seamlessly switch colors to weaving in all those ends when I was done – I figured one color was the best way to go.

Well, that has definitely changed.

While I still love the look of a one-color blanket, I have developed a deep love for blankets with color!

If you’re in the same boat and are just stepping into the world of color + crochet, we’ve got you. If you’re an experienced crocheter and are looking for something to brighten your home or someone else’s, we’ve got you, too.

We’ve hunted down some of the most beautiful two-color crochet blanket patterns we could find, including some of our own. Because why not? #Marketing101

Why Choose Two-Color Crochet Blankets?

Aesthetic Appeal

Choosing two colors for your blanket opens up so many possibilities to make a visually striking piece. Play with complementary hues for a vibrant look or contrasting tones for added depth and dimension. The color combinations are endless!


The beauty of a two-color crochet blanket is that it can work in any room. Switch up your color scheme to match your existing decor, or choose a palette that sets the tone for a space. Two-color blankets also transition nicely from the couch to the bedroom.


The Riley Blanket – A Ripple Moss Stitch Pattern

Skill Development

Mastering the art of clean color changes takes practice, but it’s a worthy skill that opens up advanced pattern options. Two-color blanket patterns are great projects for honing this technique.

Before you know it, you’ll become super comfortable carrying unused colors along the edges as you crochet. (More on that in a minute.)

Tips for Choosing Colors

Color Theory Basics

When selecting two colors for your crochet blanket, it helps to understand some basic color theory principles. Choosing colors from opposite sides of the color wheel creates vivid contrast, while similar colors next to each other provide harmony. You’ll also want to consider tone and shade differences to make each color pop.

Check out some crochet color combination ideas here.

Yarn Selection

Normally, when designing a two-color crochet blanket, you would want to choose two yarns in compatible weights and textures.

Now, I’m all about breaking the rules of crochet, so I’ll be sharing some blanket patterns with you that don’t follow the weight rule. And it just works.

Usually, mixing a bulky and fingering-weight yarn, for example, can cause frustration and I wouldn’t recommend it. Especially for beginners. Instead, select either two worsted weights or try combining a subtly variegated yarn with a solid tone.

Testing Colors

The best way to preview how two yarn colors will look together is by crocheting a test swatch.

Work up a sample in your planned stitch pattern to properly judge color proportions before diving into the full blanket project. Swatching first helps avoid getting halfway through a blanket just to realize you don’t like the color pairing after all!

Essential Techniques for Two-Color Crochet

Changing Colors

Mastering smooth color changes is essential for flawless Two-Color crochet blanket patterns.

When switching yarns, you have two options: bring the yarn up the sides and then cover it with a border (my favorite technique) or fasten off every time and weave in all the ends later (my least favorite technique).

Here’s an example of changing colors and bringing the yarn up the sides instead of fastening it off. You can also fast-forward the video towards the end and see how I cover up the yarn-ups with a border.

To avoid holes between colors, gently tug the old and new yarns at the back of each change to tighten the work.

Managing Yarn

Effective yarn management prevents tangled messes when working with two colors! When carrying the unused yarn, hold it loosely to the wrong side of the work, out of the way, but still accessible when needed again.

Another tip is to wind separate balls for each color and use separate yarn bowls for each. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Alright, let’s get to the patterns, shall we?

10 Two-Color Crochet Blanket Patterns to Try

Two-Color Crochet Blanket Patterns

Discover an amazing collection of two-color crochet blanket patterns featuring a variety of stitches and designs, from classic granny stripes to elegant shell motifs. Perfect for beginners and seasoned crocheters alike, these patterns offer clear instructions and beautiful results for creating cozy, handmade blankets.

Share Your Two-Color Crochet Blanket Creations with Us!

Crafting a crochet blanket using two gorgeously vibrant colors of yarn may seem intimidating, but the impact a handmade blanket can have on your living space makes the effort worthwhile.

Don’t let the process overwhelm you. The right guidance and techniques make working in two colors smooth, fun, and rewarding. The stunning blankets you can create for yourself and loved ones will build confidence in your ability to continue expanding your creative talents.

Now that you have all the know-how for tackling beautiful two-color crochet blanket patterns, it’s time to put your new skills into action!

Start with a simple design that sparks inspiration. We would love to see your colorful creations and help with any questions that come up along the way.

What color combinations are you gravitating towards? Do you have a favorite two-color pattern you’d recommend? Let’s keep the crochet conversation flowing in our community!