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10 Beautiful Crochet Feather Patterns; Use Up That Yarn Stash!

10 Beautiful Crochet Feather Patterns; Use Up That Yarn Stash!

If you’re looking for a fun way to use up your extra yarn, whipping up a crochet feather or two is the perfect stash-busting project.

crochet feathers

I don’t know about you, but I have baskets full of scrap yarn. From yarn I bought on sale (OK, or an impulse buy) and yarn given to me as gifts or just leftover yarn from crochet projects, scrap yarn is always surrounding me.

There are a ton of fun crochet projects to use up that yarn and one of them is crochet feathers.

What would you use crochet feathers for you ask? Here are a few cute crochet projects ideas for those beautiful feathers:

  • Make a dream catcher
  • Use the feathers for a wall hanging
  • Attach them to a boho bag
  • Use them as a bookmark

Enjoy these 10 crochet feather patterns. Some of the patterns are free and some are just a few bucks.

10 Crochet Feather Patterns to Use Up That Yarn Stash

Which Crochet Feather Pattern Will You Make First?

There are so many fantastic choices from this list. I’m definitely planning on making the Tunisian crochet feathers and creating a dream catcher.

Do you want to save this pattern list for later? Pin one of these images.

crochet feather patterns
free crochet feather patterns