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The Crochet Wave Stitch How-to

The Crochet Wave Stitch How-to

If you’re looking for a new crochet stitch to add to your repertoire, the crochet wave stitch is the perfect one to learn.

crochet wave stitch tutorial

The crochet wave stitch is also known as the ripple stitch and the outcome is a pattern with beautiful texture. This stitch pattern is gorgeous worked up in a solid color or multiple ones.

Crochet Wave Stitch Blanket Pattern

Here’s an example of an aqua blanket worked up using the wave stitch.

wave stitch blanket in crochet
crochet wave stitch blanket how-to

And here’s the January 2021 crochet blanket using the same pattern.

january crochet blanket in wave stitch
wave stitch afghan pattern

You can grab the free pattern for the January blanket here.

The Wave Stitch Tutorials

The great thing about this stitch is it’s a one row repeat. So once you get the hang of that one row, you are good to go.

It’s one of my favorite stitch patterns because it works up very quickly and it’s a meditative project you can work on while watching tv or listening to audiobooks.

Video Tutorial

Note: For this tutorial (and for the January 2021 crochet blanket) the stitches are inserted into the back loop only or blo. You do not have to do it this way and can stitch into both loops, but I like how it looks stitching in blo. It’s just a personal preference.

Stitches you’ll need to know for this pattern:

  • chain
  • double crochet – dc
  • double crochet two together – dc2tog
  • two double crochets in same stitch
  • back loop only – blo

Here’s the video tutorial for those of you who learn best this way.

Picture Tutorials

Here’s the step by step picture tutorial for the crochet wave stitch.

Row 1

Chain 30

dc in 3rd chain from hook

dc in next 4 chains

dc2tog; twice

dc in next four chains

2 dc in next chain; twice

repeat pattern *4 dc, dc2tog; twice, 4 dc, 2 dc in next stitch; twice, 4 dc* until last stitch

2 dc in last chain

chain 2; turn

Row 2

dc blo in first stitch

dc blo in next four stitches

dc2tog blo in next stitch; twice

4 dc blo

2 dc blo in next stitch; twice

repeat pattern to last stitch

2 dc in last stitch

This is what 3 rows of wave stitch looks like.

And that’s it! Just keep repeating row 2 for the rest of your pattern.

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