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The Getaway Crochet Infinity Scarf

The Getaway Crochet Infinity Scarf

The Getaway Crochet Infinity Scarf will become your go-to scarf for weekends away. The dark neutral color goes with everything and the unique crochet stitch used gives it a beautiful soft texture, making this a scarf you’ll love to wear over and over again.

You can purchase a printable version of this pattern on the I Can Crochet That Shop here.

free crochet infinity scarf pattern

The Getaway Crochet Infinity Scarf

But first, a story

One thing you’ll notice influences my crochet designs is travel. Whether it’s the colors I choose or the design itself, I often have travel in mind.

You see, in February of 2017 I brought up the idea of full-time RVing to my husband Todd. We both worked remotely. We had one daughter in college, one son about to graduate and another son begging to do online school and go on an adventure.

From the moment I brought up this idea to Todd, to the time we drove away from a house that no longer belonged to us and in our new home on wheels, it was 100 days.

the getaway infinity scarf crochet pattern

Yep, you read that right. We executed this idea, from selling our house and about 90% of our belongings and buying an RV and a truck, in 100 days.

Needless to say, it was one exciting whirlwind.

We spent 17 months traveling full-time and in that time visited 36 states and 5 Canadian provinces.

You can read more of our story on our RV travel blog TREKKN.

I tell you all of this so you’ll know just how important travel is to me and how it truly dictates so many of my decisions in life. Including my crochet designs.

The Getaway Infinity Scarf Name

I named this scarf The Getaway Scarf because I never travel without one. It doesn’t matter what season it is, I throw a scarf in my bag.

If I’m on an airplane I’ll most likely get cold. And I’ve been on many airplane trips where that scarf has come in handy. Same for car trips.

This scarf truly is a perfect size, weight, and color to throw in your getaway bag for a fall or winter trip.

free crochet infinity scarf pattern

The Stitches

This crochet infinity scarf is made with the herringbone half double crochet stitch, going through the back loop only.

The stitch itself is beautiful. It has a slight slant to it, which gives your crochet project such a gorgeous look. But then when you add going through the back loop only, it creates a texture you’ll love having up close and personal as you wear it.

Here’s a quick tutorial showing you how to work the herringbone half double crochet stitch.

easy crochet infinity scarf

The Color + The Yarn

It only makes sense to make a scarf with the name ‘getaway’ in it, by using a yarn line that references some of my all-time favorite getaways – National Parks.

I’m talking about Lion Brand’s Heartland line, named after U.S. National Parks.

(Check out the Heartland link of yarn at or as well.)

For this scarf, I chose Smoky Mountains, which is a beautiful neutral dark gray color.

I also highly recommend visiting this National Park. Not only is it free to enter, but its the most visited National Park and for good reason. One visit and you’ll quickly see where it gets its name from.

Here’s a picture from our trip to this beautiful destination.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park – the view from a hike we went on.

You can purchase it online at here, Michael’s here or Amazon here.

The Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

Pattern Description

This scarf is worked in one long strip and then stitched together. It’s made using a beautiful crochet stitch called the herringbone half double crochet worked in the back loop only. It comes together quickly and the result is a soft scarf with some incredible texture.

You can purchase a printable version of this pattern on the I Can Crochet That Shop here.

Pattern Notes


Method Crochet

Skill Level Beginner

Hook 6.5 mm / US K

Other Yarn Needle

Yarn Lion Brand Heartland, Great Smoky Mountains, 502 yds

Gauge 4” x 4” = 14 sts x 11 rows

Final Size 70” long x 8” wide (before stitched together)


hhdc herringbone half double crochet

st(s) stitch(es)

yo yarn over

ch chain

blo back loop only

Chain 2 does count as a stitch

hhdc: Yarn over, insert hook into next stitch, yarn over, pull yarn through stitch and draw up a loop (3 loops on hook), slip loop 3 through loop 2 (2 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through remaining 2 loops on hook

easy crochet infinity scarf pattern

The Pattern

Foundation row

Chain 204, hhdc in 3rd chain from hook and across (chain created by skipping stitches counts as stitch), ch 2, turn [203 sts]

Rows 1 – 22

hhdc blo in 2nd stitch and in each stitch across, ch 2, turn [203 sts]


  Fasten off, leaving a long tail

  Stitch together ends with a yarn needle from the long tail

  Weave in any loose ends

And that’s it! As you can see, if a very easy pattern.

You could whip up several of these and have them ready to give as gifts during the holidays.

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the getaway crochet infinity scarf pattern

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