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The Kona Coast Throw: A Crochet Beach Blanket with Tassels

If you’re dreaming of a beach getaway or you need some decor for a cozy beach cottage, this crochet beach blanket is for you. Featuring an easy stitch repeat, you’ll have this whipped up in no time.

I named this blanket after where we took these photos. At Makalawena beach off the Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.

free crochet beach blanket pattern

Before I even get into this pattern, I have to preface it by sharing that this beach blanket is made with acrylic yarn. If you know much about different yarn types, then you know acrylic is not usually recommended for a blanket you’ll use outside, especially at the beach.

But…this blanket has been tested at a beach here in Hawaii and I’m happy to report it passed with flying colors.

As you’ll be able to see from some of the photos, it was covered in sand due to the fact that a) we’re at a beach and b) it was so unbelievably windy that day.

crochet beach blanket

It was so windy, we had to leave earlier than planned because we were getting a free microdermabrasion treatment from the blowing sand. Ouch.

I was able to shake out most of the sand and when we arrived back home, I spread it out on our lanai so it could dry off in the sun.

Will I bring it back to the beach? Possibly. After the blanket gets a little damp it becomes quite heavy to carry. And acrylic isn’t great for when you’re out in the heat.

the kona coast crochet blanket

This particular beach required a mile hike to get to. Which meant another mile hike to get back to our car. Carrying the blanket that far with our beach stuff wasn’t the best idea. But as you can probably tell since I’m writing this pattern up, I survived.

Bottom line: yes you can take this blanket to the beach or out on a picnic. But it’s also the perfect throw for a beach house, cottage or to give as a gift to someone who is really missing the water, waves and sand,

The Kona Coast Throw: A Crochet Beach Blanket Pattern

crochet blanket pattern
Me hiding from the sand hitting me in the face

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love designing blankets and I love using self-striping yarn. (Exhibit A, B and C. See, I have a problem.)

I’ve actually had to reign in my addiction to both and concentrate on designing different patterns.

The Yarn

I actually bought this yarn before our move to Hawaii. I popped into our local Michael’s store and they were having one of their awesome buy one, get one 50% off sales.

So I purchased four Caron Skinny Cakes in Pop Rock and shoved those babies in one of my suitcases. Yarn > clothes.

crochet beach blanket free pattern

The Stitch

One of my goals for 2021 was to create one blanket pattern a month, with each blanket teaching you a new stitch or technique.

crochet mini v-stitch

I was almost set on whipping up this blanket with the crochet v-stitch until I was introduced to the mini v-stitch. A couple of swatches later and I knew the mini v-stitch was the way to go.

The Crochet Beach Blanket Pattern

Pattern Description

The Kona Coast beach blanket is made with a lightweight self-striping yarn. The mini v-stitches give this blanket a beautiful texture while letting the stripes shine. Since this pattern is an easy one row repeat, it’s a meditative crochet blanket you’ll look forward to working on.

crochet beach blanket free pattern

Pattern Notes


Method Crochet

Skill Level Beginner

Hook 4.25 mm | G-6

Other Yarn Needle for weaving in ends and attaching tassels


Caron® Skinny Cakes™ Yarn in Pop Rock, 4 cakes at 795 yards each, total of 3, 180 yards

(You can purchase this yarn exclusively at Michaels or

For tassels: Lion Brand Pound of Love in White

(Purchase this yarn at here or here)

Gauge 4” x 4” = 18 sts x 13 rows

Final Size 61 1/2″ wide x 60″ long

You can adjust the width of this pattern by chaining any even number and the length by adding more rows.

the kona coast beach blanket pattern


ch chain

sk skip

hdc half double crochet

rep repeat

The Pattern (Video & Photo Tutorials)

Foundation Row

Ch 296

hdc in 4th chain from hook, ch 1, hdc in same chain again, *sk chain, hdc in next ch, ch 1, hdc in same ch* rep from * to * across until you have two chains remaining, sk ch, hdc in last ch, turn

Row 1

(For a nice clean edge with no gaps do this instead of a ch 2) insert hook into the first stitch, yo, pull up a loop, 2 chains on hook, yo pull through 2 loops on hook, insert hook into 2nd vertical bar on stitch just made, yo pull up a loop, 2 loops on hook, yo over, pull through 2 loops on hook.

You can do this technique or just chain 2

Continuing with row 1, in first ch 1 space, *work hdc, ch 1, hdc*, rep from * to * across row into each ch 1 space until you get to the last stitch, work an hdc into the top of the chain of last stitch, turn

Rows 2 and on

Repeat Row 1 until you use all four cakes of yarn or until it’s the length you want.

Fasten off yarn, weave in all ends.

For the tassels, make 4 using the directions at the end of this post.

Attach the tassels to the corners of the blanket.

And that’s it! As you can see, it’s a super easy crochet blanket to make. But the end result is gorgeous.

Mini V-Stitch Video Tutorial

Photo Tutorials

Chain 16

hdc in 4th chain from hook
Ch 1
hdc in same stitch
skip one chain
hdc, ch 1, hdc in next chain
*skip chain, **hdc, ch 1, hdc** in same chain* across
Insert hook under 1st stitch
Pull up a loop
yarn over, pull through two loops on hook
insert hook into 2nd vertical bar on stitch just made, yo, pull up a loop
Pull through both loops on hook
Clean edge made
hdc in 1st chain-1 space
chain 1
hdc in same ch-1 space
*hdc, ch 1, hdc* in next ch-1 space across to last stitch
hdc in last stitch
turn, do clean edge stitch
continue pattern *hdc, ch 1, hdc* in ch-1 space across to last stitch, hdc in last stitch

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the kona coast crochet beach blanket pattern
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