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25 Self Striping Yarn Crochet Patterns

25 Self Striping Yarn Crochet Patterns

I have officially become obsessed with self-striping yarn crochet patterns.

Whether you’re obsessed too or just want to try your hand at a pattern with this yarn, you’re in luck. I’ve rounded up all of my personal patterns with this yarn, plus a few from fellow pattern designers.

25 self striping yarn crochet patterns

Why I Love Self-Striping Yarn

What’s there to love about it you ask?

Here are a few reasons why I love self-striping yarn so much:

It Does the Work for You

If you loathe weaving in ends like I do, but you love the look of striped blankets, scarves, shawls, etc, then this yarn is for you.

You get all of the beautiful stripes without all of the work of adding a new yarn color and then having to weave in all those ends!

If you chain just the right amount, using the right size hook, then the stripes will naturally happen at the end of the row. Or at least close to the end of the row where the color change isn’t so noticeable.

I know that’s one complaint about self-striping yarn is the color change in the middle of the row.

But I’ll get into that later…

The Colors are Done for You

Are you not good at or do you despise trying to choose yarn colors that compliment each other?

With self-striping yarn, you get all the benefits of colors that work so well together without having to stress over choosing them yourself.

I mean, just look at the colors of this blanket.

self striping yarn blanket pattern

And this one.

self striping yarn camping blanket pattern

You Can Easily Mix It With a Solid Color Yarn

This is, by far, my favorite way to use self-striping yarn. As you’ll see in a lot of my patterns.

I’m finding that mixing a self-striping yarn with a solid color works best in Tunisian crochet. You can completely change the look by which side you switch the yarn color on as well as which stitch you use.

I’ve tried to design a nice range of these patterns for you to choose from.

Why Some Crocheters Don’t Like Self-Striping Yarn

Self-striping yarn is definitely not for everyone. Some crocheters can’t stand this type of yarn, mainly for two reasons:

  • They don’t like it when the color changes mid-row
  • They don’t like not having more control of the colors

There are ways to fix this problem as I mentioned above.

The Right Number of Chains & The Right Size Hook

One, if you chain the right number and use the right size hook, the color changes happen very naturally.

I have spent hours (and I mean hours) on my designs making sure the color changes happen at the end of the row or very, very close to it.

This means a lot of frogging, but man is the final result worth it!

How to Have More Control of the Color Changes

One way to have more control of the color changes is to do what’s called “deconstruct the yarn”.

What does this mean?

It means you cut out part of the yarn in order to get to the color you want.

Here are two examples of when you might want to do that:

  • When the color change is in the middle of the row and you just aren’t having that
  • When it’s time to attach a new cake of yarn and the colors aren’t matching up as you want

I’ve never deconstructed yarn in the middle of the row, but if you’re curious about that process, Make and Do Crew has a cardigan pattern where she does this and explains it.

I have, however, cut out part of the yarn when it’s time to attach a new cake but only a couple of times.

The reason I’ve done this is if the next cake doesn’t start with the color I want to.

For example, in this crochet camping blanket pattern pictured below (the pattern isn’t live yet, but I’ll link to it when it is!), all of the cakes of yarn I had started with a tan color.

crochet camping blanket pattern with self striping yarn

And my blanket currently ended with a large block of tan. So in order to fix that, I cut out the tan and just used it at the end of the blanket.

Does that make sense? It does in my head anyway. 😛

My goal with my patterns is for you not to have to do much if any, deconstructing of the yarn.

Ok, how about we get to those patterns?!

25 Self-Striping Yarn Crochet Patterns

I’ve divided these patterns up in sections: blankets, scarves, shawls and miscellaneous. I’ve also let you know if it’s Tunisian crochet, in case that’s specifically what you’re looking for.

Self-Striping Yarn Crochet Blanket Patterns

1. The Griffin Blanket (Tunisian Crochet)

crochet blanket pattern with self striping yarn

The Griffin blanket comes together by combining self-striping yarn, a solid color yarn, and two different Tunisian crochet stitches.

This striped Tunisian crochet blanket pattern whips up quickly and easily and will look beautiful on your patio, RV, campervan, or home.

Get the pattern here.

2. The Ethan Throw (Tunisian Crochet)

i can crochet that blanket pattern

Meet the Ethan Throw – a blanket featuring a beautiful stitch and self-striping yarn that creates the perfect lightweight blanket to snuggle up under.

Get the pattern here.

3. The Bryn Blanket (Tunisian Crochet)

i can crochet that tunisian crochet pattern

The Bryn blanket, a Tunisian crochet full stitch blanket pattern, was made for the outdoors.

Whether you take it camping, decorate your campervan with it, or sit on a porch swing soaking in a sunset, this blanket will keep you warm and toasty.

Get the pattern here.

4. The Lanai Blanket

crochet afghan pattern with self striping yarn

This crochet blanket pattern is made up of two basic stitches, with an easy two-row repeat pattern.

By changing colors every two rows, you can bring the yarn up the side instead of fastening it off, which creates way fewer ends to weave in – which is always a bonus in my book!

Hide the yarn “up the sides” with an easy crochet border and you’re left with a beautiful blanket full of color and texture.

Get the pattern on my shop here or Etsy here.

5. Corner to Corner Baby Blanket Pattern (Tunisian)

tunisian crochet baby blanket pattern

If you’re looking for a quick and easy Tunisian crochet baby blanket pattern, this is the one for you! It uses simple stitches, easy increase and decrease rows, and beautiful self-striping yarn.

Get the pattern here.

6. Chevron Throw with Pom Poms (Tunisian)

tunisian crochet pattern

This beautiful throw is made using the Tunisian Chevron Stitch. The stitch really shows off the color of the Ferris Wheel yarn. 

By using the self-striping yarn, it helps you to easily create a blanket without having to worry about color changes. Add pom-poms to the corners for a fun and beautiful crochet blanket.

Get the pattern on my shop here.

7. The Aloha Blanket (Tunisian)

Free Tunisian Crochet Blanket Pattern

The Aloha Blanket is made using the Tunisian Chevron Stitch. This stitch creates beautiful waves that remind me of the black sand beaches of Hawaii.

By using the self-striping yarn, it helps you to easily create a blanket without having to worry about color changes. Add pom-poms to the corners and middle ends for a fun and beautiful crochet blanket.

Get the pattern on my shop here or Etsy here.

8. The Let’s Go Camping Blanket (Tunisian)

Tunisian crochet camping blanket pattern

Easily whip up this beautiful crochet camping blanket pattern using the Tunisian crochet knit stitch.

Combine that with Lion Brand’s self-striping yarn, add some fringe and you’re left with a beautiful blanket perfect for nights by the campfire.

Get the pattern here.

9. Mitered Square Blanket

“The Continuous Mitered Square Crochet Afghan Pattern has the charm of patchwork squares but is worked continuously so there is no fastening off after each square leaving you with a zillion ends to weave in … yay! And the self striping yarn does all the colorwork for you so you can just sit back and stitch.”

Get the pattern here.

10. Woodland Houndstooth Blanket

crochet blanket with self striping yarn
Image: Lion

“Combine endless tweed colors, soft yarn, and a beautiful stitch pattern to create this rustic and stunning houndstooth throw. You’ll love to see the new colors emerge as you crochet along the rows, working a repetitive stitch pattern that’s meditative and simple.”

Get the pattern and kit here.

11. Mulberry Afghan (Tunisian)

crochet baby blanket with self striping yarn

“Simple yet stunning, the Mulberry Afghan is a gentle introduction to Tunisian crochet. Let the yarn do all the work as you fall into the rhythm of the block stitch, creating an heirloom baby blanket to be cherished for generations.”

Get the pattern and kit here.

12. Rolling Hills Throw

crochet waves blanket pattern

“Tweed colors and gorgeous textured waves come together to create this, rustic, eye catching throw! The yarn includes two colors in each strand, adding to the depth and interest of this super soft blanket. And because the yarn’s color changing, the stripes appear on their own so there’s no weaving in a bunch of ends.”

Get the pattern and kit here.

13. Prism Baby Blanket

crochet blanket pattern

“Crochet a blanket that radiates from the center outward by combining self-striping yarn and the melodic boxed block stitch. This simple combination of double crochet and chain stitches is exceptionally easy and fast to work because you don’t have to look for the exact stitch to place your hook into. Experiment with solid-colored or chunkier yarn to personalize your own unique prism.”

Get the pattern here.

14. Water Lillies Afghan

crochet afghan pattern

“This afghan was inspired by the colors of Monet’s Water Lilies series of paintings. When I decided to do this, I started searching for the right yarn colors and discovered that the Mandala Ombré yarn from Lion Brand was perfect! Along with the wave stitch, you get the feel and look of water with very little effort. Always a win in my book.”

Get the pattern and kit here.

15. All For One Blanket

self striping crochet blanket pattern
Image: Yarnspirations

“Everybody loves a blanket made with Bernat Pop! The self striping yarn transitions beautifully amongst 5 distinctive shades, resulting in a bold looking blanket that impresses as it keeps out the cold. It makes a unique gift, or use it to adorn your favourite chair.”

Get the pattern here.

Self-Striping Yarn Crochet Shawls and Scarf Patterns

16. Autumn Ombre Scarf (Tunisian)

Tunisian crochet scarf pattern with self striping yarn

This gorgeous knit-like crochet scarf is made using Tunisian Simple Stitch, alternating two different colors of yarn. The result is a scarf with a squishy like feel and beautiful colors that will remind you of fall. The added tassels give this scarf the look and feel of something you picked up at a local boutique.

Get the pattern here.

17. The Seaside Shawl (Tunisian)

Tunisian crochet shawl pattern easy

The Seascape Shawl is an easy Tunisian crochet shawl pattern that only uses one cake of self-striping yarn, works up quickly and has a beautiful drape to it.

Get the pattern here.

18. The Wishing Well Wrap

easy crochet shawl pattern

“The Wishing Well Wrap is the softly striped, simply made, triangle scarf + wrap that summer nights were made for. It’s perfect company around the campfire with a s’more in hand or layered over easy basics for a warm day of shopping.”

Get the pattern and kit here.

19. Mesa Hat And Scarf Pattern (Tunisian)

Tunisian crochet hat pattern

“Set off on your next adventure with this playful pair. The Mesa Hat and Scarf bring the color without all the fuss by using self-striping single-ply yarn. When paired with a lightly heathered neutral color, the overall finish looks way more complicated than the actual stitches are.”

Get the pattern and kit here.

20. The Adirondack Wrap

crochet shawl pattern with self striping yarn

“Humble triangles and basic stitches come together to make a large, flowing piece of crocheted fabric that can be worn as a wrap, a shawl, or a super scarf. And Mandala’s built-in color variations means you get the gorgeous stripes without any fancy stitch work.”

Get the pattern here.

Grab the crochet kit here.

21. Lean on Me Crochet Scarf Pattern

easy striped crochet scarf pattern

“This worsted weight scarf pattern is worked mainly in half double crochet. Made up in self-striping Bernat Pop! yarn, this scarf features five beautiful coordinating colors — meaning fewer ends to weave in! Four chunky tassels on each corner add a fun touch.”

Get the pattern here.

Self Striping Yarn Cardigan Patterns

22. Endless Eyelets Cardi

crochet striped cardigan pattern

“Ever popular eyelets grace this openwork cardigan that’s light, drapey, and perfect for year round wear. Featuring an oversized fit and an airy design, it’s super cute with cut-off shorts and jeans alike. Take the trendy look of the classic granny square cardigan up a notch while avoiding the seaming and sewing of squares. A super fun and meditative project for advanced beginners on up!”

Get the pattern and kit here.

23. The Patchwork Party Cardi Lite

crochet cardigan pattern with self striping yarn

“Introducing a simpler version of the original Patchwork Party Cardi! This pattern uses the same concepts as the original with fewer total crocheted strips, which means less seaming for you. You’ll lean heavily on the ombre self-striping yarn to create a subtle, painterly patchwork effect.”

Get the pattern and kit here.

24. The Coen Cardigan

“The Coen is the perfect project to get you in the mood for fall. It’s made with Lion Brand Scarfie yarn which is a bulky self striping yarn. It comes in so many gorgeous colors that you may not be able to make just one. It uses simple stitches and is constructed side to side in one piece for the front and back.”

Get the pattern here.

Self Striping Yarn Bag Pattern

25. Crochet Blanket Bag

crochet bag pattern with self striping yarn

“This gorgeous mandala style blanket converts to a useful bag with one pull of the drawstrings! Perfect to take to the beach, picnics or to use as a child’s play-mat turned toy carrier. The construction is simple as it’s worked in the round with mostly double crochet stitches. The beautiful self-striping yarn makes it a breeze to create this colorful and unique piece!”

Get the pattern and kit here.

I hope you enjoyed browsing through these patterns as much as I did searching for them!

I have many more self striping yarn crochet patterns coming, so be on the lookout for those.

round up of crochet patterns using self striping yarn
25 self striping yarn crochet patterns to try


Friday 20th of May 2022

Hi Julie, I love getting your emails and looking through all of the beautiful patterns. I’m currently working on the Let’s Go Camping blanket and just love the Mandala Centaur yarn. I have a question and hope you can provide some guidance. I haven’t made clothing yet and would really like to try a cardigan. I’m an intermediate crocheter, but would like to start with something easy for my first cardi. Do you have any suggestions for a first project? Thanks, Lisa


Monday 23rd of May 2022

Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much! I haven't made a cardigan with this yarn yet, but I do know of a couple of patterns from fellow makers. This one: uses simple stitching and this one uses the granny stitch: Both are described as "easy". Let me know if you find another one!

The Estes Blanket - A (Regular) Crochet Camping Blanket Pattern

Friday 20th of May 2022

[…] can see a list of 25 crochet patterns using self-striping yarn here, plus I share why I love it so much and why some crocheters do […]

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