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25 Infinity Scarf Crochet Patterns to Keep You Warm

25 Infinity Scarf Crochet Patterns to Keep You Warm

We’ve rounded up 25 infinity scarf crochet patterns that’ll keep you warm and toasty this fall and winter.

From infinity scarves for beginners and a few more advanced to free patterns and even a couple of our own, we hope you’ll find the perfect scarf to whip up.

Crochet Infinity Scarf Patterns

When a beginner crocheter asks me what they should start with in order to learn, I always say ‘a scarf’.

It’s the perfect item to practice, especially if it uses one stitch throughout the whole pattern.

My favorite type of scarf to crochet are infinity scarves because I love wearing them. In fact, one of the first patterns I designed when I went from a hobby crocheter to turning it into a business was an infinity scarf.

And I still wear it! It’s one of my favorites and I’ll be sure to share it with you below.

Before we get into the patterns, I’ll answer some of the most common questions about crocheting an infinity scarf.

How Long Should a Crochet Infinity Scarf Be?

Here are some standard measurements for infinity scarves:

Short: 40-45 inches

Standard: 50-60 inches

Long: 65-70 inches

Extra Long: 75-80 inches

It’s really a preference when it comes to how long you make your scarf.

As far as comfort, I like mine around 70 inches before seaming the scarf together.

How Wide Should a Crochet Infinity Scarf Be?

Again, this is really a matter of preference, but here are some standard measurements:

Thin: 5-6 inches

Standard: 7-8 inches

Wide: 10-12 inches

Blanket: 15-30 inches

How Many Chains do You Need for a Crochet Infinity Scarf?

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to this question. Like what weight yarn you’re using, what size hook, what length you want your scarf, and on and on.

I do something super scientific when deciding how many chains to make. Are you ready for this?

I decide how long I want it, start chaining and then measure with a yardstick. I then wrap the chain around my neck a couple of times to see how it’ll fit.

I know. Mind-blowing right? 🙂

If you’re following a pattern and using the weight of yarn and hook size they recommend, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting the right number of chains.

But you can still use my method even when following a pattern to make sure it’s to your liking.

How do You Join a Crochet Infinity Scarf?

There are a couple of ways I like to use.

The first way is to join the scarf ends with a single crochet join.

The second way is to use a tapestry needle and join using a simple whip stitch.

Okay, now that we’ve covered a few of the basics, let’s get to the patterns!

Crochet Infinity Scarf Patterns for Beginners

Here is a roundup of crochet infinity scarves that are perfect for beginners. You just need to know some simple stitches and a seaming technique.

1. The Getaway Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

This is one of our crochet infinity scarf patterns and one of my early designs. It uses one of my favorite yarns; Lion Brand’s Heartland. It’s incredibly soft and so enjoyable to work with.

The only stitch you need to know is the herringbone half double crochet stitch in the back loop only.

Get the pattern here.

2. Cambridge Infinity Scarf

“It is crocheted using the slip stitch, double crochet and half double crochet. This scarf is a great project for beginners. It works up quickly and has such an interesting texture!”

Get the pattern here.

3. Half Double Crochet Infininty Scarf Pattern

“Are you looking for an easy to crochet scarf? If so, then this half double crochet scarf or hdc crochet scarf pattern is it!”

Get the pattern here.

4. Double Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

“It’s cozy, full of lovely texture, and really simple!”

This pattern includes a photo tutorial. It’s also done in a beautiful honey color yarn.

Get the pattern here.

5. Crochet Cluster Infinity Scarf Pattern

“I really love this stitch because it gives the appearance of cables without the complication of actually making cables, and once you figure out what loops you’re supposed to work through, it’s a pretty easy pattern to follow.”

Daisy Farm Crafts always have fantastic crochet patterns for beginners.

Get the pattern here.

6. Easy Knit-Like Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

“The ribbed-knit look on this free crochet infinity scarf pattern is extremely easy, thanks to a slight variation on basic crochet stitches.”

There’s a lot of demand for crochet pattern that look like knit and Make and Do Crew always delivers.

“Ready for the one and only circle scarf you’ll need all winter? This pattern was inspired by a store-bought infinity scarf that I wear often. Each time I have it on, someone asks me, ‘Did you make that?‘”

Get the pattern here.

Free Crochet Patterns for Infinity Scarves

All of the infinity scarf patterns under the beginner category are free, but here are a few more free crochet infinity scarf patterns that require more than one stitch and yarn.

7. Half n Half Infinity Scarf


“The Half n Half Infinity is the best of both worlds. Why pick one color when you could have two? It’s easy to style to showcase both colors in different ways! With a beautiful texture and endless versatility, this scarf will quickly become a go-to accessory in your fall and winter wardrobe.

I love the look of this scarf!

Get the pattern for free here or the printable pattern on Etsy here.

8. Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf

“The Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf pattern is super easy, hides a multitude of sins, and comes with just one rule: no stress allowed! This finished scarf is between 50 and 60 inches long, and twists and turns on itself naturally – perfect for wearing doubled as a cowl, as well as long, tied, anything you can come up with!”

Get the pattern here.

9. Sugar Shack Scarf

“This Sugar Shack Infinity Scarf is created with a large hook and DK weight yarn and therefore it gives you a really bouncy end piece. I find it amazing that the finished scarf feels so light, but provides so much warmth without feeling heavy.”

Unfortunately, this pattern was removed and is no longer available.

10. Bean Stitch Infinity Scarf

“The bean stitch used in this pattern is an extremely quick and easy stitch, and each of those “beans” is like a squishy pillow around your neck.  This stitch is easy enough even for a beginner crocheter.”

Get the pattern here.

11. The University Scarf

“Try out my newest Free Crochet Pattern – The University Scarf! With easy stripes and bulky weight yarn, this is the perfect last-minute handmade gift idea you need for the holidays.”

Get the pattern here.

12. Mustard Puff Scarf

“The Mustard Puff Crochet Infinity Scarf boasts a sophisticated texture, but is deceptively easy to make! I couldn’t be happier with the way this stitch pattern turned out! The crisscross texture of the puff stitch rows almost gives this scarf a cabled vibe, but with much less work!”

Get the pattern here.

One Skein Crochet Infinity Scarf Patterns

There’s something so satisfying about finding a crochet pattern that only uses one skein isn’t there?

Here are a few we thought you’d like.

13. Free One Skein Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

“Below I have the pattern with a fun little stitch for you all to try out. It’s called a herringbone double crochet. It’s really easy once you get the hang of it. In fact, it’s just a simple variation on the double crochet. It get’s it name herringbone because of the way it slants to the side.”

Get the pattern here.

14. Crochet C2C Infinity Scarf – A Free One-Skein Scarf Pattern

“This crochet C2C infinity scarf is made with just one skein of Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball. The c2c stitch combined with this yarn makes a beautiful, light weight scarf perfect for cooler temperatures.”

Get the pattern here.

15. Penny’s Scarf | One Skein Crochet Scarf

“I don’t know about you, but it drives me nuts to have just ONE SKEIN of a certain type of yarn lying around. Especially if I bought it some time ago and there is no way I am going to be able to find more of it in the same dye lot. This quick one skein crochet scarf pattern is perfect for using up those single skeins just hanging out in your yarn stash.

Get the pattern here.

16. One Skein Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

“Do you have that one special skein of yarn you don’t know what to do with? The One Skein Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern is the answer!”

Get the pattern here.

17. Kendall Square Infinity Scarf Pattern


“The crossed double crochet is one of my favorite stitches and this infinity scarf has lots of them. Infinity Scarves are the trendy new look and this scarf has the right amount of lace style without sacrificing warmth.”

Get the pattern on Ravelry here.

18. One Skein Infinity Scarf Pattern


“Do you have that one special skein of yarn you don’t know what to do with? The One Skein Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern is the answer!”

Get the pattern on Ravelry here.

19. Easy Chunky One Skein Infinity Scarf Pattern


Here’s a review of this pattern:

“I just finished crocheting this infinity scarf and I love it! Easy to follow directions and really beautiful pattern! Thank you!”

Get the pattern on Etsy here.

20. One Hour One Skein Infinity Scarf Pattern

“The infinity scarf uses simple stitches and is great for a beginner with a little experience. You’ll need to know how to work in turned rounds using US single crochet, half doubles and working in the back loops only.”

Get the pattern here.

More Crochet Infinity Scarf Patterns

Here are a few more patterns I found that caught my eye.

21. Crochet Kit – Dottie Infinity Scarf


“Deliciously cozy yarn… amazingly textured stitches… I mean, seriously. With easy but frequent stitch changes, Dottie Infinity Scarf is the perfect project to keep you interested throughout the whole creative process and leaves you with the perfect accessory for those blistery days – or even just those days you want to flaunt some of your makes. Dottie is about to become your new best friend.”

Get the crochet kit and pattern here.

22. Puff Stitch Cowl Pattern (A Bestseller)


“It is a modern, chunky scarf cowl intended to wrap twice around your neck, or drape in one long loop.
Simple crochet stitches are used and it works up very quickly.”

Get the pattern on Etsy here.

23. Crochet Infinity Blanket Scarf, Chunky ⨯ The Jacmel


“The Jacmel Blanket Scarf is a winter staple, acting like a statement piece, but feeling like your favorite blanket. It features a herringbone texture, which is relatively uncommon in crochet. Now includes BONUS cowl size!”

Here’s a review of this pattern:

“I absolutely love this blanket scarf! The pattern is super simple and easy to follow and the finished product is beautiful! It takes about 5 skeins to make, so as you can imagine its quite large! Love it. Purchasing more patterns as we speak.”

Get the pattern on Etsy here.

24. Beginner Crochet Dreamy Infinity Scarf Pattern


Here’s a review of this pattern:

“It’s super awesome and easy to make. I’m only a teenager and I’m loving this pattern. Thank you for sharing your pattern with us.”

Get the pattern on Etsy here.

25. Waffle Stitch Infinity Scarf Pattern

This is another one of our patterns:

This waffle stitch scarf is so soft and has the perfect bulk to it for those cold winter days. It’s fun to make, fun to wear and the neutral color goes with just about everything.”

Get the pattern on our I Can Crochet That shop here.

More Crochet Scarf Patterns for You

Here are a few more crochet scarf patterns from our website for you to check out. It’s a mixture of infinity and regular scarves:

crochet infinity scarf patterns
free crochet infinity scarf patterns